Emeran Park Lemon Tree, comprises of 90 acres of land subdivided into paddocks ranging in size from a quarter of an acre to 25 acres. Our paddocks are post and rail fenced with the option of hotwire or Horserail - a state-of-the-art vinyl product imported from the United States, that’s proven to dramatically reduce injuries.

All paddocks have shelters and automatic watering systems. The property caters to around 60 horses at a time and feeds are tailored to suit trainers and owners preferences.

Emeran Park Wyong Creek, is a 20 acre property designed especially for horses requiring medical care and rehabilitation and also for the spelling of horses that need to be “wrapped in cotton wool”.

The entire facility has been built using Horserail.

At both properties, fillies and geldings can be kept on their own or with another horse. Mature colts are always kept in individual paddocks.

Our specialty is in improving condition quickly and we only stock premium feeds and supplements. The majority of horses are given two hard feeds a day, plus hay and we have plenty of high quality grazing in all paddocks, all year round. Horses are rugged according to the conditions or trainers requests.