“It’s giving horses the time they need to grow, rest and repair.  They need to do this in tranquil surrounds, where they’re not distracted by horses working around them. They need feeding tailored to suit their specific needs and weight requirements, and careful management of their feet.  Horses who spell well are a step ahead on return to work.”


Our paddocks are fenced with a combination of the incredibly safe Horserail and timber post and rail.

All have individual shelters and horses can be spelled in company or on their own.

Feeds and checks are done twice a day, with weekly weights and trot-ups to check we’re heading in the right direction.


We use a qualified equine nutritionist to assist in developing our feeding programs to ensure your horse is getting everything it needs as a young athlete, to build and maintain healthy bones, top line and muscle condition.  Every horse on the farm has their own feed plan tailored to suit their individual requirements

We also have very successful programs established for “active spelling”, which incorporates light work into freshen-up spells to retain fitness, while allowing the horses to have a quick breather between runs.